Opens Friday DEC 2ND, 6-8pm
Continues 12-5pm Saturday and Sunday


’Thank You!’ is a direct reference to the disposable shopping bags that litter the streets & adorn the stores of Kyle Montgomerys’ current residence – St Marks Place, NYC. This exhibition continues the ’Crystal Mary’ sculpture series deployment, then incorporates new elements from the refuse of his new found environment, with the irreverent sentiments of the deitys fused with crystallographic embellishments.

Montgomery explores icons from the religious and geological dominions, then compares their relevance to one another through various sculptural forms.
The ‘Crystal Mary’ – is an intentional collision of separate beliefs in a singular form, ultimately investigating the cycle of life in both conventional & conceptual realms.


‘Domestic Connecting’ by TIMOTHY HILLIER
Opens Friday DEC 2ND, 6-8pm
Continues 12-5pm Saturday and Sunday


Over the last 4 years I have been working in remote communities of Australia, often driving
and flying the breadth of the country. Most of the time I am looking out windows watching
the landscape drift by. This country is still so mysterious to me. And the more I find out,
the more mysterious it gets. The Dreamings. The Songlines. The colour and the smells.
The noises and the music. It all seems out of this world. For Kartiya, it is still so alien.
Being from Melbourne, and talking to a lot of my friends, the outback seems like a scary
place. So foreign, and mostly never explored. You see it from a distance in photos and
movies, tv reports that dilute and distort the stories and wonder of remote places.

These photos are my understanding, or lack there of, of the lands that are the outback.
The Never Never. Seen from a distance, the photos mirror back at you, the lands where
you cant get to… But it is all still a mystery. But the colours keep calling you back. The
Aura locks you in

Taken during various flights, criss crossing country. The double refraction of the light thru
the Lexen perspex and glass, splits the colour of the light into different paths. It seems as
if the land is giving off these colours, the song lines of the outback filling the camera.

Melbourne based photographer and film-maker, Hillier is constantly capturing the events,
lives and colours around him. Wether it is a Video DSLR or some broken down 35mm, he
is interested in the manner of how light is captured, and how in turn it is represented.
Using out of date film and cross processing, mixing lens filters and shooting thru foreign
objects, pushing how colour can be manipulated, in camera, and then be displayed. His
work is both honest and fictitious. Either filming the rituals of Indigenous Australian
dancing, or how the light of the desert looks thru a window.
Working within documentary films and vernacular photography, he has exhibited in New
York, Vancouver and around Australia, contributing to many magazines worldwide, as well
as more recently working on commercial projects with Greens Candidate Stephanie
Hodgins-May and comedian Arj Barker, as well as the video clips for Super Wild Horses,
Dick Diver and Twerps, and 100 plus videos for Indigenous Hip Hop Project.